The Secret Of Music

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Name The Secret Of Music
Album/single I Am Not A Dog On A Chain
Length 7:52
Writer/composer Morrissey / Mando Lopez
Producer Joe Chiccarelli
Release March 2020
Recorded 2019


There is a sample taken from Olivia Newton-John's "Long Live Love" (1974) from 01:00-01:05:

"On a wet day, dry day, great to be alive day, brother takes the stand"

This is repeated again towards the end (07:35-07:40).


I am out of tune
Violin the state I'm in
I've lived through many June's

I am out of tune
the center-hole is overgrown
I'm listening face down

birds sounds surround
like a sudden spell of bells
or orchestrated swells

I am out of tune
play the flute
for love or loot
that's really up to you

how it clings
like pings of strings on mandolins
that pluck to your good luck

no trombone
or glockenspiel
could ever feel
my loneliness tonight

bom bom bom the drum
cymbals symbolize your mind
by rights you out to cry

classical guitar
my new lover - yes, you are!
panpipe save a life

no angelic flute
can F-hole a harping soul
each song ends with a gong

fat bassoon
clears the room
but nothing, now
can take away my gloom

fiddle Stradivarius
I'd like to cause a fuss.

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