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The Well Oiled Sisters

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This five-piece Scottish, lesbian country band was formed in Edinburgh around lead singer, Lucy Edwards. The token heterosexual in the band, Alison Jones, is among the best UK country fiddlers. They appeared in the 1991 film Blonde Fist, and their mixture of traditional country with punk haircuts, nose rings and blatant lesbianism goes down well in gay clubs, but such songs as ‘Dirty Cowgirls’ and ‘It Ain’t Hard Being Easy’ are not suited to the more conservative world of UK country clubs. They walked naked into a Swedish press conference and have also been mistaken for terrorists in Northern Ireland. They appeared with transvestite Lily Savage in a West End stage musical, Prisoner - Cell Block H, a camp version of the Australian television series and opened for Morrissey on his 1992 "Your Arsenal" tour.

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