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    "The Queen Is Dead" turns 30 - articles on Pitchfork, NME

    The Pitchfork article must have been written by a robot. It's a mere cut-and-paste of Smiths song lyrics, joined together with autopilot pontification.
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    T-Pain plays Morrissey in shot for shot remake of "Stop Me…" video

    Music unlistenable. Managed about ten seconds then had to close the window.
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    TTY: Morrissey Mayor of London?

    If the morons here who are saying that the meat industry is the same as Nazi concentration camps really believe what they're saying, why aren't they marching on Whitehall demanding that all meat-eaters (and cheese eaters) be put behind bars? Presumably, by their standards, any of the Jews who...
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    Mexrrissey Transforms Morrissey Songs Into Mexican Pop Anthems - LA Weekly

    Any want to start a petition to get these folks to be Morrissey's backing band? I think that would kick his career out of the doldrums.
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    TTY: Supreme, yet not; Morrissey's second statement on Supreme

    I'm not sure I've ever seen such an artistic train wreck as Morrissey's career has turned out to be. I can't help thinking what a tawdry, ignominious, sad, floundering end this is to what for a while looked like one of the few careers that make pop music worthwhile. Now, when I think of...
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    TTY: Supreme, yet not; Morrissey's second statement on Supreme

    The taste of ashes in my mouth. It's sadly getting harder and harder for me to separate the music from the witless, self-obsessed boor who created it, or at least, who sang over it. I might just go and take all my Morrissey CDs to the Sue Ryder shop on the High Street.
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    I think there's an irony shortage in the homes of one or two of the posters here.
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    TTY: Morrissey y Malvinas

    Yes, like many others, I am increasingly embarrassed to be a Morrissey fan. Perhaps, before the internet, before there were so many trolls with a platform they ceased to be a novelty, we could believe it was ironic, or iconoclastic, or interesting, or perhaps Morrissey really has become...
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    Mike Joyce talks about The Smiths at The Mouth Magazine

    Obligatory themed Morrissey lyric reference: Will Morrissey change his plea to guilty now?
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    "List of the Lost" review in The Daily Mail

    Still better than that of many who post here, sadly. Unfortunately, it's too late for this now, but I would have been very interested to see the results of an experiment in which a random sample of Morrissey fans were given various literary texts to read that they had not read before, and were...
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    "List of the Lost" review in The Daily Mail

    This review is fairer and more restrained than most, and yet the poster of this item has to call the reviewer a wanker, apparently, which says far more about the artistic acumen and disinterestedness of some Morrissey fans than it does about Letts.
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    "List of the Lost" review in The Times

    What it's worth depends on what's said. The idea that one opinion is as good as another renders all opinions meaningless in the end.
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    'List of the Lost' review at The Quietus; Digested read / illustration at The Guardian

    A vintage quote from Moz: "I don't mind how I'm remembered so long as they're precious recollections. I don't want to be remembered for being a silly, prancing, nonsensical village idiot." Too late.
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    'List of the Lost' review at The Quietus; Digested read / illustration at The Guardian

    I hope that this book helps tips the scales towards the necessary judgement that pop culture is dementing and dying. Pop culture is dead - bring back culture.
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