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  • Level / Section Orkester-til venstre
    Row C
    Seat(s) 29
    Information PL1
    No. (Seat(s) 29)

    So where did you get a ticket?
    For me it's okay if you join me in the queue. I can't speak for the others. But if you explain the situation it will hopefully work. I would guess that the doors open at 19.00 but I'm not sure.
    im sorry it didnt work for me either.;( well i have someone from copenhagen driving to the concert. and i dont think she will be there that it okay if i search for you in the queue when i arrive and join you? i dont think it will be a major problem for the peopel behind you ?
    you know when the doors open?
    I have my ticket now so I hope you haven't tried buying one for me again.
    No, you don't have to. I will try again. But thanks for the help. The point about Århus is that I only have one ticket for two persons. It doesn't seem possible to split it and that we therefore would have to enter the venue at the same time.
    so should i try it again? im sure it will work again... im not online much long today though-half an hour ..then i have to go
    maybe you try again later as well..i try itnow and if it wont work- you try today? its at least not your computer then bu the site...

    as for aarhius i dont think i will be there that early you think you can sent me the pdf file and i can print mine?
    or i just go to the beginning of the queue and join you in the queue or pick my ticket up from you anf stand in the back- ? dont worry i wont be standing first row..and stel behind me their place
    For you too? Typical. But it wouldn't be a disaster if I miss Copenhagen. I have Århus and Helsingborg (and York), those are the important ones.
    About Århus. I thought that I would get two different tickets and that I could give you one of them. It rather seems that the two tickets are combined on one ticket which would mean we would have to enter the venue at the same time, I think. I don't know about you but I had planned starting queuing quite early, at about ten or so.
    Yes, do that. I've tried four times, technical error every time. Get the best possible seat. I can paypal the money today.
    you want me to buy it for you.ican do that.i do need the money then today as my credit card is on its limit..and the rates are being booked off on friday
    It still doesn't work for me. f***! But I have Århus, that is the important one.
    I hvae the tickets. One for me, and one for you. :) But I can't buy tickets to Operaen, its says technical error when I try to pay. Does it work for you?
    Das Monty Python-Dokumentar ist ja synchronisiert. Das kann ich nicht sehen. Synchronisierungen sind grauenhaft.
    Bezüglich des B&S Konzerts. Es war gut obwohl ich tatsächlich ein bisschen enttäuscht über die Setlist war, eingedenk was sie früher gespielt haben. Ich hatte gern z.B. Stars of Track and Field, Like Dylan In The Movies, Fox In The Snow, I Fought In A War, Lord Anthony oder I'm Waking Up To Us gehört. Sie spielten keine von diesen Songs. Leider. Aber sie spielten jedenfalls We Rule The School, der sehr, sehr schön war. Und Judy And The Dream of Horses und Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying. Stuart war sehr redselig auch in München. Dort gab es auch Tanz an der Bühne und Medailleverleihung. Wie war es in Hamburg? In München fragte Stuart vor Legal Man ob es einige Anwälter im Publikum gab. Vier Leute meldeten sich und durften dann auf der Bühne tanzen. Ich sah übrigens, was an der Medaille stand, und zwar "I Made It With Belle and Sebastian". :lbf:
    Ich habe tatsächlich irgendwann und irgendwie von "Mädchen in Uniform" gehört aber ich habe es leider nicht gesehen. Bezüglich Grimsby. Ich werde am 24. Juni an Manchester Airport ankommen und werde in Manchester während des Tages bleiben statt nach Grimsby zu fahren und in Manchester ein "Morrissey-tour" machen. So wir können uns leider nicht in Grimsby treffen. Aber ob ein "Morrissey-tour" dich auch interessieren würdest, ist es nur ungefähr zwei Stunden mit Zug zwischen Grimsby und Manchester und dann eine Stunde von Manchester nach York. Wenn man ein "Morrissey-tour" macht, ist der Tag nicht völlig umsonst denke ich. Ich möchte jedenfalls nicht einen ganzen Tag in Grimsby verweilen.
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