Corey Haim RIP


Seasick Yet Still Docked
(CBS) Canadian actor Corey Haim, known best for his role in the 1987 hit "The Lost Boys" has died, Los Angeles police confirmed Wednesday.

Officials said his death appears to have been accidental. Celebrity news Web site TMZ reports that, according to police sources, he died of an apparent overdose.

The 38-year-old actor had reportedly been struggling with drug addiction.


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My cousin had his Teen Bop posters on the wall, a Corey Haim shrine, when we were kids. :(


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Looks like no Lost Boys 3 or License To Drive 2 "DWI"


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he had a few parts in it but due to problems between the two Corey's his part was cut out.


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Yes The 2 Coreys had a reality show but didn't last long coz Feldman felt he had to distance his self from Haim's destructive life style. or something like that.


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How sad...
Actor Corey Haim, 38, is dead after an accidental drug overdose. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Coroner confirmed that Haim, who battled substance addiction for several years, was found unresponsive in an Oakwood apartment and pronounced dead at Providence St. Joseph’s Medical Center at 2:15 a.m. this morning. His mother was in the apartment at the time.


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Total bummer. I always liked him.

Still...drug overdose? If I were a wealthy, famous child actor, I'd force myself to stay on the straight and narrow if only to avoid becoming a bad cliche.

Haim should have stuck it out and realized he had a future as a "comeback" star on a procedural, perhaps on one of the 77 "Law & Order" spinoffs, a la "Rick" Schroeder. Either that or on a sitcom as the father or uncle of a central character. TV guarantees the longevity of almost any career.

I'll say this. At least he didn't follow Kirk Cameron's path. That guy may as well be dead. :rolleyes:
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