cycle round in Italia


Forever Ill
I die hard cycling fan [ya know Lance Armstrong , that cycling], yesterday
was a black day, I saw it live, or him the Belgium, sympathetic cycler fell down at
a speed down from a hill, he touched the rocks from the hill, and fell

Than TV [about 30 sec, of docs cutting hius helmet, bleeding head, totally nt

Wel to write it

Wouter Weylandy as 26 year cyclist died yesterday

de Tour Italian goes omn [scum] and his team will go on out of respect

RESPECT f*** his team, money, it was just begon 3 day, of 3 weeks round

well 1 minute silent is what's officiall today race

I hope the cyclers will not start, and go on tomorrow, or do something for his
girlfriend whose pregnant from his first baby

A black dat in Cycling history

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