Morrissey Drama 2009

Morrissey Drama 2009

  • YOR entered No.3 in the UK album chart 22/02/09

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  • First shows of tour cancelled 26/02/09

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  • Morrissey threw out a rude heckler at Cambridge Corn Exchange gig 16/05/09

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  • Morrissey's statement 'we will resume' on TTY 01/06/09

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  • Morrissey paid tribute to Jean Charles de Menezes at Brixton 22/07/09

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  • Morrissey dismissed EMI/HMV/Parlophone single box sets 08/08/09

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  • Morrissey issued statement regarding Andy Rourke 13/09/09

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Does not Morrissey turning 50 and playing the Manchester Apollo, with all its relevance to his history, on the day of his 50th birthday, merit half a mention?


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Swindon was unquestionably THE drama of the year, but I voted for Liverpool, just because I was there. Hiya Zelda!

Zelda Zonk

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Hi there Mozmal! Yes I was going to opt for Liverpool too, although Cambridge was also pretty tense...but I think the tour as a whole has been one huge dramatic Morrissey musical.
Close call between his collapse and the cup on head incident...

despite a freezing cold, hungover 9 hour wait and enduring doll and the bleedin kicks again @ Liverpool...the collapse nudges it. It was just horrible not knowing what was going on :(


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No Contest - Swindon.

One of those *I remember where I was* moments. No matter how much we may not like him at times, we never want to lose him.


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No Contest - Swindon.

One of those *I remember where I was* moments. No matter how much we may not like him at times, we never want to lose him.

Perfectly put.

viva pffft.

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Swindon, definitely. :(

He's had shit thrown at him before, it's nothing new. But I guess the big deal was him leaving? I don't know much concerning Morrissey's past tours.

Oh my god. it's Robby!

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I do not consider what happened in Swindon "drama"(as I chose to imply that word means when here) :rolleyes:
I took what happened in Swindon very seriously, my heart was in my throat til I was certain Moz was fine :blushing:


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I voted for the Southpaw/ Maladjusted reissues. That was unnecessary drama all right.:rolleyes:

...As for the rest... It wasn't dramatic at all to me.

I only pay attention to romantic drama anyway, like, are Snooty and Moody going to tie the knot or, not? :drama:
The rest is just bad scenes, comin' and goin'. I barely raised an eyebrow...:sleeping:


A week ago, RedRadio compiled their own list of Morrissey-associated events of the year, at

It starts:
"2009, The Year In Morrissey
2009 was a wacky year for Moz, full of ups and downs, without a dull moment to spare. Despite a bottle to the head, a rush to the hospital, and a slew of canceled shows, Mozzer soldiered on through the release of his ninth studio album, a b-sides collection, and hitting the big 5-0. A recap, shall we?..."
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