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  • Well, Dave ought to be happy that I'm not paying as much attention these days.

    That "And I Love Her" guitar solo is a great one to learn. My stepdad had a Spanish guitar back when I was learning, and it was perfect for that song.
    I had to look up the word "busking"! American here! *raises hand*. Ha! :p:rolleyes::guitar:

    From Wikipedia: Busking is a British term used in many areas of the English-speaking world. Buskers are also called street performers or street musicians.
    Hi. Fran here. I kind of figured out the chords on my own. I'll play it and write down the chords for you. This is what Boz had to say about it when I sent it to him on his MySpace page:

    "if it's any help the chord before G is an F sharp diminished chord you have to sharpen the open D to a Dsharp! it'll make all the difference!

    Honestly, I don't understand what he is telling me! I can't read music and I try not to play chords that are too difficult. Ha! :p
    You see, I told you it was inappropriate :p I'm sat in ICT, I would text you but there's only 10 minutes left, you're never here when I need you!:mad: ... ;)

    I only just realised you've changed the avatars, the che picture just fits so well with you. School is doing my head in today, but you know that, I'm counting down until next thursday. I got the Tuesday off as well by the way, I can't remember whether I told you that. Speak to you later x
    Mandolins aren't really that much like ukuleles... Many more strings. I'd say once you play a stringed instrument you'd have a good start. Although, on Youtube there is a man-username is WS64, he plays ukulele and mandolin
    I'm okay with my ukulele! I've gotten over the hump, gotten past the hard part of learning it. Learning the chords is easy, it's a wonderful little thing... I love little Stella! The original spelling is ukulele, but that is also correct!
    I'm on Summer holidays! I'm Irish, so we have different school holidays! Ta for the interest! You are also online though! I think I remember Heather saying you are going to college soon, but you're only 16! Do tell how you manage this!
    I really like that program... although he is a bit of a bastard, doubt he'll give free books for songs! Ralph Steadman (the person/bastard who illustrated Hunter S Thompson books) used to know a book-keeper in London called Bernard who was just like Bernard Black! Could it be based on him or is it a coincidence?
    Quite a good future, that! Journalism (in music) is what lies beyond college for me, more than likely. Perhaps playwright... or both of course. But aswell as this I want to own a secondhand bookshop (I won't have many staff though) with all my favourite books... and homeless people without money can buy a book or two with a song or a poem of their own! Then when I am very old and have sold my bookshop I'm going to go into shops that I don't work in and help out, move things, pretend I work there and when I'm not doing that I'll talk to statues!
    Yes, the threads (at least in General discussion) have gotten a lot less interesting. But, once the new album comes out they'll fire right back up!
    My problem with posting is I get there TOO late and the things I WANT to reply to... well, if I DID reply it would be so long gone that no one would have a clue what I was talking about... And for some reason I MUST read every single reply... Perhaps that's my problem?
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