Official Facebook 2 Israel dates - tickets available now (May 9 & 11, 2020)


(First link is dead currently).

Zappa Amphi Shuni, Binyamina (May 9)
Pavilion 1 - EXPO, Tel Aviv (May 11)

(Please note: there is a date discrepancy between the FB post's date and the venue's - the gig cited as on the 10th is listed as being on the 11th via the venue).


A working link for tickets on the 9th:

Media item:
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If he doesn’t cancel Vegas, his malnourished ass will be dead from COVID-19 long before he reaches Israel. ;)

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Wild T!
It sure would be somethin' if Moz sang Israel at one of these shows.
Pretty sure he's only sang it once before and the feelin' really wasn't right.
The song needs an atmospheric grandeur and I'm tellin' ya, this just might be the place.
Mozza tov!


You really do need to go and re-evaluate your life.
Why? So she can join your team of weak-ass felchers? The irony of a full-on Melvis sycophant with an aching pussy isn’t lost on ANYONE, Sunshine. You’re all on here for public display.

Fak Arf.


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The fact that he returns to Israel for more shows does not surprise me.
He seems to go there every 4 years (2008, 2012, 2016, 2020).

But I had expected more gigs in California or maybe Mexico around the Goodbye Cruel World festival.


Well it’s leeds Eve... for all you fat monsters, that bad mouth and look for things to shout about.... I shall , my good self enjoy the Carlisle to settle line, one of the most beautiful railway lines on this planet whilst venturing to Leeds.... Ah it’s just like Christmas Eve when being a child... so much to look forward to nobody to answer to... very much doubt that I will sleep tonight... good luck and good fortune to all of us tomorrow that will be travelling.... it’s not over, it’s just begun

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I don’t know. I think he should cancel the tour for a couple of months. Sorry. I’m just worried about him. :pensive:


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No lo sé. Creo que debería cancelar la gira por un par de meses. Lo siento. Solo estoy preocupado por él.:pensativo:
[/CITATotalmente de acuerdo no es momento para giras,lugares cerrados,porque es invierno ,vuelos, shoppings,es demasiado y tiene todo el tiempo ,para girar,y justo en Israel ayer en un autobus aparecieron 21 casos de corona...mmm Moz no no creo..yo esperaria el verano el virus esta comodo con bajas temperaturas y lo peor es que con el frio bajan las defensas ,las vias respiratorias son mas vulnerables y le es mas facil penetrar a los microorganismos como virus y bacterias??????


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Israel consideres itself the gayest country so I'm sure Morrissey will have a good time
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Israel is the gayest city on earth.
one third of Israelis are bisexual.
Israel is a safe haven for paedophiles.
the times of Israel seems only concerned with people getting their leg Morrissey is on top of the pops tonight on bbbc 4 at 9 0 clock,its from 27th april 1989.
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